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How Vertical Jump Leads To Vertical Leap


vertical-leapFor years, athletes have been seeking different ways to increase their vertical jump. Trainers have sought the latest and greatest in technology and equipment to help athletes become stronger and jump higher. A greater vertical jump does lead to a greater vertical leap, but athletes need to be careful about the kinds of exercises they implement in their workout routines.

In the midst of such competition for the newest rage, athletes need to smart and selective about what they choose to do. Weight lifting is an essential part of any athlete’s routine. However, lifting too much and becoming too big can seriously hurt an athletes’ ability to jump and therefore, their vertical leap. Many of the best exercises for increasing a vertical jump don’t involve weights at all. Many of these exercises rely heavily on jumping and naturally building muscle.

Plyometric workouts involve boxes and various drills dealing with speed and jumping. These exercises effectively target the important muscle groups needed to jump higher. They do so without causing unnecessary bulk. Weight training specifically designed to increase vertical jump will definitely help. The strength gained from these workouts will translate into a greater vertical leap. Staying knowledgeable about these workouts is a must for increasing vertical leap.

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