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Vertical Jump Tip: Increase Calf Strength


calf-strength-vertical-jumpIf you are an athlete, chances are you are constantly striving to increase you physical ability. You want to become stronger, better, faster and all the above. You watch what you eat and exercise regularly and intensely to become the physical machine required by the sports you play.

One of the important aspects of many sports, including football and basketball, is the vertical jump. The vertical is an easy way for scouts to measure raw athletic ability. You, like many athletes, are probably searching for ways to jump higher. When seeking to increase your vertical, it is important that you do not neglect the calf muscles. The calf muscles are one of the most important muscle groups in the legs. Strengthening the calf muscles will go a long way in increasing your vertical.

In addition, stress from jumping and physical activity usually goes to your knees and ankles. Having strong calf muscles, however, will do much to prevent injury and take that stress off. There are a variety of simple workouts that you can do at home or the gym to increase calf strength and your vertical. Doing simple calf raises on a wooden platform, bench or other stable platform will help give you the strength you are looking for.

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