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Vertical Jump Shoes: Can They Make A Difference?


vertical-jump-shoesThere are a lot of products out there designed to help you increase your vertical jump. There are an equal number of programs designed with the same goal. One of the most popular products is vertical jump shoes. These shoes are heavily advertised and many claim that these are the fast way to greatly increase your vertical jump. But can they really help? The answer is yes and no.

Numerous studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of vertical jump shoes. Some studies show little or no difference between groups with the shoe and groups without. Other studies show a significant increase in both the 40 yard dash and the vertical jump in groups that used the shoe. Using these shoes along with a vertical leap program can help. Some people, however, have complained of discomfort and even shin splints. Some people dropped out of studies because of the pain. The key is to know your body.

These shoes are effective if used properly and accompanied with a good program. If they cause pain, then you should probably discontinue use. Overall, these shoes are an excellent supplement to a steady routine of diet and good exercise. Significant results can be achieved without them, but with them, these results can be achieved more quickly.

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