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Looking to increase your vertical jump? Learn how to improve your vertical jump with our vertical jump exercises and programs advice. Whether you play basketball or volleyball (or any other sport), you will be able to increase your vertical leap quickly and safely.

Make Your Vertical Jump Higher


Here’s one of the best things that you could know about how to make your vertical jump higher: anyone can do it. What you just need to understand is that what matters is your body type. So, regardless of your age, gender, and, even, previous training, making your vertical jump higher is possible.

Those shoes, ebooks, and video programs could help; but nothing can beat understanding what your body and mind can do to help you gain at least 6 inches in just 8 weeks. A vertical jump is an explosive movement – learn how the strength of your mind can double what you could do physically. Aside from set of exercises, drills, and cycles, here are some of tips that could help you make your vertical jump higher in no time,

Socialize. Nothing beats understanding how people had done it on their own and without having to spend hundred of bucks on programs that claim to do what they had done. These forums and groups are rich in stories that you could easily relate with. From reviews of programs that increase vertical jump to recommendations of vertical jump shoes, you’ll find the right network on these online groups.

Learn jumping technique. This is one of the most overlooked factors in doing running jump. When done and executed properly, a jumping technique could help an average athlete could jump, at the very least, 3 inches higher on his most games. You have to understand that speed could be help – but it is not the factor that could help you grab the rim.

It’s because you have to know and just understand that jumping for heights is a completely different league. The key to jumping for heights is to learn how to befriend your controlled maximum velocity, or as we call as MCV: the higher your score on this, the better for your jump. And, to do this, you must have the strength to control the momentum – and, therefore the muscle to handle both the speed and momentum.

Simple exercises. One of the most excellent exercises to make your vertical jump higher  is stair climbing – especially if weights are not available. During lunchtime, use a multi-floor stair access to accomplish your task. Take at least two stairs at a time and just push yourself up with each time. This simple yet effective exercise is also a good cardio.

Enjoying what you do. This could be one of the most difficult things that you could do to make your vertical jump higher. If you enjoy your game, it is likely that you would do everything that you can do to become better at it. And, the best thing that you could do to enjoy exercises to make your vertical jump higher is to have a goal in mind. Joining leagues and having some play offs with your colleague are the two best test areas to check how far you’ve gone.

Skip it off. This may really look girly but skipping is one of the most overlooked exercises that could help you make your vertical jump higher and control your twitching muscles.

Develop your core. One of the best things that could help you with your overall performance is your core – your mid section. Research shows that a well developed core has a high correlation with achieving success in sports.

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