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Increase Vertical Jump Shoes


verticaljumpshoesIf you have enrolled with any vertical jump program, most likely you have heard about increase vertical leap shoes. And, probably you have heard about many brands – from both your colleagues and over the net. But beware: most buyers of vertical leap shoes often get disappointed. Why? Not because those increase vertical leap shoes do not work, they – the buyers – simply do not how these shoes should work.

So, before you spend hundred of bucks on vertical jump shoes, let’s find out what these shoes really are and what it could do to help you get better in your game.

Do Vertical Jump Shoes Work?

One thing that you should know about increase vertical leap shoes: most people do not know what they are really designed for. Here’s what you would commonly hear from people who are not really quite familiar with what these shoes really do,

– Only exercises make your jump better not shoes
– Vertical shoes are downright dangerous – they would only cause injuries

So, let’s start to discuss what are vertical shoes are, why, in the first place, they were designed, and how it could help you increase your vertical leap.

Purpose and design. Vertical leap shoes are those platforms that you could strap in front of your training shoes. These are designed primarily to help aid – if not force – your calves to do their works. To increase your vertical jump, the idea for these increase vertical leap shoes is relatively simple: to raise your Achilles tendon and calf muscles to train them to become more powerful and springy.

Training with Vertical Jump Shoes

They are supposed to be fun to train in. Those who use vertical jump shoes had fun when they perform leg jumping exercises. But when you use it for single leg drills, they are cumbersome and really heavy, to begin with. And, of course, you want to use vertical leap shoes to increase your vertical jump, right? If you use these shoes to, say, 123 Jump – a drill that is basically beneficial to vertical jump and sprint, it could not help you well.

Proprioceptors: If training exercises were your only purpose for buying vertical jump shoes, then, you are sure to just put them under your bed after a week of working on it. But there’s one thing that could just encourage you to just play with it: the proprioceptor plugs.

These rubber plugs are really beneficial if you want to train in unstable environments. And, if you are building enough calf muscles — that are not only strong but powerful – training in these types of environments would really force your muscles to help you stabilize your body and joints. These rubber plugs help you recreate those exact conditions and, therefore, yields better results for your vertical jump.

And, the big question is, do these increase vertical leap shoes work? These shoes will work if you would have to incorporate proprioceptor plugs into them. Many people say they have yielded better results for their sports and jumping performance as compared to Springboost B-Trains.

Other Benefits

Training with these increase vertical leap shoes could not only help you with your hop training but also on other facets such as improving your ankle, knee, and hip stability. Working on these areas could also mean less probability of injuries in both training and your game.

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