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increase vertical jumpMy name is Matt Green and I was a successful college basketball player with great achievements and credentials.  I narrowly missed being drafted into the NBA due to a life-changing injury. However, I’m not here to talk about my misfortunes – I’m here to pass on my great basketball experiences and hopefully help you become a better player.

Basketball at the professional level is immensely competitive and players look for all sorts of ways to gain an advantage. It’s human nature to strive to become the best in their chosen fields. But the fact is that not everyone is a good player, not everyone is good enough and there is a secret which separates the good players and the players who just fade into the shadows.

The Secret to Becoming a Great Basketball Player…

The secret is not practice. The truth is practice can help, but more importantly many people do not have the foundations needed to be a great player. By foundations I mean things like strength training and, more importantly, increasing your vertical jump.

You see, people will look for ways to gain a competitive advantage against you, but many of them will choose the wrong ways. They want a short cut so they will cheat or use drugs – both of which have painful long term effects.

In my college basketball days, I was increasingly frustrated at my performance on court. I lacked consistency and had some really bad days. I knew I had the ability and, fortunately, my coaches had faith in me too.

How My Life Changed in an Instant…

One day, after a terrible training session, my coach spoke to me about my performance. He told me that I had to improve my game and gain an advantage over other players somehow. He recommended me to take a look at vertical training programs as many of the players he had coached in the past had great success – some even made it all the way to the NBA.

Excited by this new found knowledge, I got on the internet as soon as I arrived home. I typed in “Increase Vertical Jump” and other synonyms into search engines and spent a few hours soaking up all the info.

The next day, I came across a The Jump Manual by Jacob and decided to give it a shot because of all the good reviews I read on it.

The Discovery of a Lifetime….

The jump manual

Normally, I wouldn’t buy anything from the internet but I talked to my friends and coaches about it and they said it was a good idea so I decided to purchase it. I thought for the sake of $25 dollars, I didn’t really have much to lose and the potential rewards were much greater.

In the end, I was glad I made the purchase. I was amazed at the information contained in the guide and it had a ton of stuff that my coaches did not even know about. I read the whole guide and dedicated to try a few things out to improve my vertical jump which became my main goal.

My Results…

After a few weeks of weeks of trying out the training techniques, I felt a huge improvement in performance on court and my friends and coaches noticed it too!

I felt faster and lighter and managed to increase my vertical jump by 8 inches. As you can imagine, having a high vertical jump on par with professional athletes is a great advantage.

Using a range of strength and power exercises I was able to become a better player. It was easy and anyone can do it. For more information on improving your vertical jump you can check out the jump manual below:

See the jump manual

An interesting fact I discovered while reading about vertical jumping was that there was scientific evidence that it was possible to improve your vertical jump and not only that, but over 80% of people who participated in a vertical jump program had gains between 6 – 20 inches.

The Jump Manual is the step by step guide to improving vertical jump and I would recommend it to everyone.

– Matt Green