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Increase Vertical Jump for Free: The Truths and Myths


verticaljumpfreeMany people want to learn how to increase their vertical jump for free. This article will explore some myths to do with vertical jumps so that you are able to make your own exercise regime better. Any basketball – or, even volleyball player may tell you that increasing vertical leap is not really that hard – as long as you follow their program, that is. And, after spending hundred of dollars on programs that promised to increase vertical leap, you still end up reaching that same height you had before you even enrolled in their program.

But is it possible for anyone to increase their vertical jump? Most people would tell you that it is. However, there are many myths that surround vertical jump exercises. Here are some that you should take note on if you want to increase your vertical jump for free.

Myth #1: Only the pros can do it
Only pros know that ONE special exercise that increases vertical jump. And, worse, they don’t want to share it – unless you running in their league.

Myth #2: You’re doomed from the start
Our genes would tell us how far we can go. If you don’t have anyone from your family that had joined the pro league, then, trying is useless

Myth #3: It would take 6-12 months to get 12-inch increase
That’s the average case. And, worse, it would even take longer just to get a 10-inch improvement of your jump.

And, the worse of it all, someone would tell you that you just need to pick just about any available program because they all have the same set of exercises anyway.

Getting a Headstart

The first things that you need to understand and keep in mind is that anyone can increase their vertical leap. And, it is likely that when you are reading this article, you have the work ethic and passion that any player would need to increase their increase their vertical leap in at least 8 weeks. There’s no special program that you need to complete: just sheer determination and one vital detail that you need to understand – the power of your body.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about vertical jumps:

  • No barriers. Age, race, size, and, even, gender has noting to do about it. These factors are not important when trying to increase your vertical jump.
  • The key is your body type. You have to assess, first, your really body type when you are going to gauge his responses in training. You have to accept that your results would vary from that another player – even if you are in the same program.
  • No amount of exercises will increase your vertical jump in isolation. To really increase your vertical leap, you need to understand the entire vertical jump process, cycle and sports science behind it. You cannot do some squats and expect to see results in a week. Increasing your vertical jump for free is possible, but it will take a lot of trial and error to find out the most optimized way to improve your individual performance.

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