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How to Increase My Vertical Jump: Exercises You Can Try


barbellsquatAlmost any coach and sports medicine expert would tell you that the most common question that they would have to tackle with any athlete and sports enthusiast is “How to increase my vertical jump?” And, just as common and absurd as this is, experts would only tell you that jumping – just as with any explosive movement – could be improved over time with proper training.

Defining Vertical Jump

But before tackling questions like “how to increase my vertical jump,” any coach would tell you that you need to realistically define what a vertical jump is and, therefore, how far a person could really go.

“It is jump reach minus the standing reach and, by standing reach, we mean how far could one really extend his arm above his head while keeping his feet flat on the floor,” says Marc Dagenais of Softballperformance.com. The true test is how far one could actually reach without taking a plunge or a step forward.

People who were talking about reaching 40 inches above ground, they get envious or fooled. “Those weren’t true vertical jumps,” says Dagenais. In fact, most NBA players could only do 28 to, at the most, 34 inches range.

So, when you’re right in the middle of the court, and asking yourself about “how to increase my vertical jump,” don’t just force yourself in taking weights to train your muscles to go to that reach. Remember, a vertical leap is an explosive moment – aside from training, you need to have power and strength to go with it.

Strength Exercises

The best way to increase vertical jump? Doing strength exercises – those controlled and slow movements that you’ve been seeing since your college days. To increase vertical jump, you need to understand that there is no special strength exercise that you must do to exclusively achieve your goal. Lunges, squats, and step ups work best when they are compounded and combined – they must get your hip and knee joint working at the same time.

Lunges. These exercises could be easily done as you’ve always seen it on TV – either by placing a bar or holding dumbbells. To get the benefits of lunges, you must be able to integrate step ups and squats with lunges as they would work each leg independently. To have the best result, do 10 reps on each leg.

Squats. This exercise is believed to be the best to increase vertical jump. Any athlete would tell you if performed properly, squats are known to be the best to increase their strengths. However, if not administered properly, squats are one of the most dangerous exercises. In fact, Dagenais says 9 out of 10 athletes that he had trained perform squat incorrectly. What are the things that you should avoid in doing squats?

– Excessive upper body leaning, which could lead to lower back injuries
– Excessive movement of the knees forward, which, of course, ultimately leads to knee injuries.

To do this, you need to always remember some key points in performing good squats:

– Having an athletic stance
– Chest out and back muscles tight
– The bar should be positioned on the upper back, that is, on the shoulder and traps, not on the neck

These are but some strength exercises that you could do to increase vertical jump. But as any sports coach would tell you, nothing beats exercising your mind to reach that reach that you have always worked for.

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