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Looking to increase your vertical jump? Learn how to improve your vertical jump with our vertical jump exercises and programs advice. Whether you play basketball or volleyball (or any other sport), you will be able to increase your vertical leap quickly and safely.

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Vertical jump exercises can improve your vertical jump. Professional athletes use vertical jump exercises as part of their vertical training program to jump higher. This section explores some of the vertical jump exercises you can use today to improve your vertical jump and gain an advantages in your sport.

Almost any coach and sports medicine expert would tell you that the most common question that they would have to tackle with any athlete and sports enthusiast is “How to increase my vertical jump?” And, just as common and absurd as this is, experts would only tell you that jumping – just as with any explosive movement – could be improved over time with proper training. Defining Vertical Jump But before tackling questions like “how to increase my vertical jump,” any coach would .....Continue Reading

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There are a lot of recommendations out there for helping you to increase your vertical jump. In fact, you could say there is hype around these exercises, not unlike the hype associated with weight loss. What exercises will work for increasing vertical jump? First of all, flexibility is extremely important. It is important to do both static and dynamic flexibility stretching. Static is holding a stretch position for a period of time. Dynamic is stretching by moving through a range of motion. .....Continue Reading

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One thing people may notice when they specifically train for speed increase is that their vertical jump increases. Also, when training to improve the vertical jump, speed will increase. Think in terms of power = strength x speed. There are three different strengths to look at, which are limit strength, explosive strength, and reactive strength. Limit strength is the force you can apply regardless of time. Explosive strength is maximum strength in minimum time. Reactive strength is also .....Continue Reading

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