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Looking to increase your vertical jump? Learn how to improve your vertical jump with our vertical jump exercises and programs advice. Whether you play basketball or volleyball (or any other sport), you will be able to increase your vertical leap quickly and safely.

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Looking to increase vertical leap? Increasing your vertical leap can give you a great advantage in your sport and improve your performance. This section features ways you can increase vertical leap using a range of vertical leap exercises and training programs.


Vertical Leap Drills Made Easy

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Is it possible for about just anyone to increase their vertical leap? Most would tell you that you definitely can – if only you join their program or buy their special shoes. But, then again, you’ve read some disappointing feedback over the net – and, you immediately knew that you’re going to waste a hundred bucks if you let them sell to you. How Could Vertical Leap Drills Work? But not all things are created equal – even with vertical leap drills. But aren’t those vertical jump .....Continue Reading

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How Vertical Jump Leads To Vertical Leap

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For years, athletes have been seeking different ways to increase their vertical jump. Trainers have sought the latest and greatest in technology and equipment to help athletes become stronger and jump higher. A greater vertical jump does lead to a greater vertical leap, but athletes need to be careful about the kinds of exercises they implement in their workout routines. In the midst of such competition for the newest rage, athletes need to smart and selective about what they choose to .....Continue Reading

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So many athletes now- a- days want to increase their vertical. Professional, collegiate and even middle school athletes are looking for ways to jump higher and perform better. There are a number of exercise programs and products designed to increase vertical leaping ability. Most of these exercises, however, require tremendous amounts of skill and athletic ability. They are designed with the athlete in mind and assume previous workout experience. Athletes relatively new to their sport, .....Continue Reading

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